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Our goal is to help other people completely get nourishment and critically make an arrangement that works for you. We accept that nourishment ought to be simple and straight forward, however one size doesn’t fit all. There are numerous ways of accomplishing your objective, regardless of whether that is for execution or according to a way of life point of view, MAJOR MEDICAL LIMITED can assist you with arriving.

Once enrolled, we will lead a full dietary examination on your current eating routine and indicate what is needed to assist you with accomplishing your ideal objectives. We will then, at that point, make a tailor made sustenance design and furnish you with the devices and training to assist you with making the primary strides towards progress. For any arrangement to work it must be based around you, your preferences, keep away from your aversions and fit in with your way of life.



– MSc Human Performance

– BSc (Hon) Sport Science

– IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Daniel is a completely qualified exhibition nutritionist with north of 10 years experience working in sports nourishment including competitor counsel, article composing and public talking. He accepts that sustenance ought to be simple and straight forward, however one size doesn’t fit all – Lifestyle, Goal, prejudices/sensitivities, sport, all have an influence in why a nourishment plan ought to be individualized. Gareth has worked across a few games including Rugby, Football, Tennis, Cricket and Triathlon, alongside counseling for various nourishment brands on schooling, new item improvement and content.

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